Wednesday, 20 October 2021 | 13:34 WIB

Man Reels in a 60-Kilogram Iridescent Shark

Man Reels in a 60-Kilogram Iridescent Shark (poskota)

DEPOK, NNC - A man in Depok, West Java, has caught an iridescent shark, locally known as patin, 1.6 meters long and weighing 60 kilograms. The fish was caught by Munadi Sam, 42, a resident of Sawangan Baru Village, Sawangan, Depok while fishing in Setu Sawangan.

The iridescent shark weighed so much at it took Munadi two hours to reel in the fish to the surface. The giant fish kept on fighting and floundering, and caused difficulty for Munadi to control it.

Residents who witnessed Munadi fighting the fish were scared of it once they saw the giant fish. They even thought the fish was a mythical creature. Many thought the fish was the guardian of Setu Sawangan, as the fishing site had been known to be very haunted. Many shade trees grow there.

Residents were guessing about giant iridescent shark. It is estimated that the fish was 20 years old with female gender. The size of the fish is indeed extra large. Its body width is about 60 cm. Her bulging belly bulging contains about 1.5 kg of eggs. Munadi also decided to cut it directly. The fish meat is divided and grilled for lunch with his family and fellow fishing enthusiasts.