Saturday, 25 June 2022 | 05:04 WIB

Ramon Y Tungka: Indonesian Nature Littered with Trash

Ramon Y Tungka

JAKARTA, NETRALNEWS.COM - Indonesia has countless beautiful nature. But unfortunately, its beauty is tarnished with trash scattered everywhere, especially in tourist sites.

Artist and avid traveler, Ramon Y Tungka, confirme this unfortunate situation. He said he regrets the behavior of Indonesians who often put their trash carelessly, especially at tourist sites.

"The problem is that when Indonesians visit tourist attractions many of them litter the places with garbage. Tourist sites are now looking like trash bins," said Ramon when met by, in Senayan, Jakarta, Wednesday (11/22/2017).

Ramon apparently has a hard way to educate other travelers to not litter. "What I often do (when hiking up mountains), ‘Who threw this garbage? Want me to put this trash on your face? If no one claimed to be responsible for this plastic, I swear you’d fall,' then they would pick up their trash," said Ramon.

According to Ramon, he had to do that because Indonesians could care less about signage on littering.

"No one reads those signage. Some of them are even vandalized,” said Ramon.

Because of this habit of littering, Ramon cannot recommend any travel sites to spend the holidays at the end of the year. "Once I recommended a place, people would visit it and they would litter the place. So, I’m not recommending anything, people should just find out themsevles," said Ramon.