Saturday, 25 June 2022 | 12:33 WIB

Stage Filled with Smoke, Dewi Persik Ran Off Stage

White smoke billowing out of the stage when Dewi Persik was performing.

JAKARTA, NETRALNEWS.COM - Dewi Persik who was performing in the area of Sarinah, Thamrin, Central Jakarta, on Sunday (11/26/2017) around 10:15 Western Indonesia Time (WIB), suddenly ran off stage and left the audience.

She was performing at the event of the 12th anniversary of Perinus and Let’s Eat Fish (Gemar Makan Ikan) Campaign when smoke appeared from beneath the stage.

T Dewi Persik who was performing passionately, suddenly panicked when smoke started filling the stage. She was immediately rushed off the stage and immediately evacuated to a safe place by the event organizer, while the audience also scattered trying to leave the stage area.

Seeing the incident, a number of officers and event technicians immediately moved quickly to find the source of smoke.

After 30 minutes of examining the stage, it was determined the cause of the smoke was the transfomator or adapter.