Sunday, 01 Augst 2021 | 18:30 WIB

Ade Rai Shares Tips on Staying Fit and Healthy

Ade Rai Shares Tips on Staying Fit and Healthy (instagram/ade_rai)

PADANG, NETRALNEWS.COM – Indonesian body builder Ade Rai, ambassador of the state-run social health security agency BPJS Kesehatan, suggests the implementation of healthy lifestyle is actually easy and affordable. If someone is sick, the cost that sick person has to incur to recover is much more expensive.

Ade Rai said a person with kidney failure should undergo hemodialysis for around IDR1.4 million oer session. They are required to have the treatment twice a week until healed. Ade Rai said being healthy is not a goal, but a requirement, as when a person is healthy, they can work, give goodness to the people and create jobs.

"Looking for health while still healthy it is easy and affordable, but becomes expensive and difficult to obtain when we are sick," he said.

He likened the pain is like someone who has fallen then the stairs drop on him because in addition to discomfort, one also needs to pay to get back healthy.

"When people buy expensive things, it is considered consumptive, whereas there is a much more consumptive when people are sick, [they] willingly spend any money to get health," said Ade Rai, as quoted by Antara.

Ad Rai added so far the cause of the pain is two things, something that comes from outside such as accidents and chronic diseases caused by self-indulgence. "Most people get sick because of their own behavior, if someone says that [because of] age factor it is actually due to treatment when young, if from the beginning [one] implements the right lifestyle [he] will reap health in old age," he said.

He gave the analogy of old cars which have a high value because it is well cared for by the owner as well as the human body. Therefore, while still healthy it is much easier to apply a good lifestyle to prevent disease.

According to Ade Rai, currently a lot of disorder that occur are obese or overweight, so that the body organs work harder. The key to a healthy life is to select foods that go into the body because if all come in like a house it will cause a lot of garbage coming in.

"Increase physical activity by exercising regularly, as well as getting enough and quality resting," he added.