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Here is What You Need to Know about JAV

Here is What You Need to Know about JAV (pixabay)

JAKARTA, NETRALNEWS.COM – Known for its beautiful cherry blossom trees and pretty Harajuku fashion, Japan has something hot to offer, particularly in the porn industry.

Japanese Adult Video or JAV is how most people refer to Japan’s porn industry, and in a world where size matters, it is an industry that keeps getting bigger. JAV has steadily gained popularity across the globe, offering something unique rather than the typical blonde, blue-eyed nurse or cover girl characters of the more mainstream western porn. 

There are some interesting facts people may not know about JAV, as listed below from various sources:

1. JAV Contributes to Japan’s Income 

After the automotive industry, Japan’s porn is second highest contributor to the country’s income. A single porn DVD has a price tag of JPY4,500-6,000.

2. Sex Workers Generate High Income

Unlike in many other countries where becoming a sex worker is frowned upon, Japanese sex workers earn a great deal of money. Their income is within the same range is a junior attorney in the United States, earning around $14,000 annually.

3. Condoms are Hot Commodity 

Condoms go with the job. Due to the industry’s sizzling popularity, condoms have become Japan’s best-selling items.

4. Where are the Virgins?

Such a successful industry comes with many side effects, one of which is the lack of virgin women in Japan. Unofficial surveys have said that are only around six percent of women in Japan who have not had sexual intercourse.