Friday, 20 May 2022 | 16:50 WIB

Four Tips on Choosing the Right Powder for You

Four Tips on Choosing the Right Powder for You (maxpixel)

JAKARTA, NETRALNEWS.COM - As makeup enthusiasts, we know there are two types of powders on the market, namely loose powder and compact powder.

Compact powder has heavier texture, applied to the face using a sponge or brush. Usually this type of powder already has foundation in it, helping it to cover the skin better and lasts longer.

The loose powder generally has the same composition as compact powder but is in a powdery form. It has a lighter texture for a more natural finished look.

Choosing which type of powder to use depends on our skin condition. Beauty expert dr. Erliswita Reza, said the market now has plenty types of powder specifically designed for different skin types. Here is her explanation:

1. Dry Skin. People with dry facial skin is advised to use compact powder because it has a formula to maintain skin moisture. The texture makes it easy to adhere to the skin and covers any blemish more thoroughly.

2. Oily Skin. Oily skin needs loose powder because its airy texture helps control shine and feels lighter on the skin. Loose powder is also suitable for those over the age of 40 the powder works better on wrinkled skin.

3. Acne Skin. Loose powder is better for those with acne problem because it is light, not sticky and easy to remove. In addition, acne prone skin should use powder that does not contain comedogenic substances such as lanolin and fragrance.

4. Normal Skin. Normal facial skin type can use both types of powder. However, compact powder usually serves them better because it stays on longer than loose powder.