Friday, 20 May 2022 | 18:33 WIB

Some Tips on Becoming Productive at Work

Some Tips on Becoming Productive at Work (pexels)

JAKARTA, NETRALNEWS.COM - Harvard Business School senior lecturer Robert Pozen says the key to being a productive worker in the workplace is knowing the scale of priorities and goals to be productive. Here’s how:

1. Know which tasks to be completed

Productive people have a habit of writing down the things they should do. Starting from small to big, easy to difficult. Then divide these things according to the scale of importance.

2. Know what is important and urgent

Understand, scrutinize and record tastks that are important and urgent, and which ones can be postponed.

3. Think win-win

One of the good habits of productive people is that they have a win-win way of thinking. They can prioritize their duties while also helping and benefiting others.

4. Handle things one at a time

Another secret to being a productive is using the OHIO strategy or "Only Handle It Once". When you have chosen which task you are going to handle, finish it thoroughly before going back to doing other things.

5. Be a proactive person

Anything that is done wholeheartedly without coercion will make your job work well and run smoothly.