Monday, 21 June 2021 | 05:25 WIB

How Hackers Target and Attack Gadget and PC Users

How Hackers Target and Attack Gadget and PC Users (pixabay)

JAKARTA, NETRALNEWS.COM - Hackers now have reliable ways which could trick in processing and securing their victims data. They make use of ignorant users. 

Country Manager Director of PT Cisco Systems Indonesia Budi Santoso said hackers now have new ways to trick victims and steal their data.

Budi said it is common now that the hackers also put paid advertisements (ads) in a website. They are even willing to spend money for likely much bigger profits.  

“Once [ads are] clicked, [user are] brought to malware and the hackers successfully steal data,” he said. 

Another trend is hackers which create wireless connection by mimicking usernames against particular labels. For instance, in a Starbucks coffee shop, by the time a consumer clicks the counterfeited name, the hackers already stole their data.

Meanwhile, hackers’ attack also targets high profile users aiming to reap profits by threatening their victims to give ransoms utilizing a digital currency, i.e., Bitcoin. 

“[Hackers] attack by looking for profits in form of money is known as ransomware.”

Budi explained in the process like this attack, hackers usually will drop malware via a website or email.

Keep in mind that when a user clicks website or incoming email in the mailbox, malware could easily enter the device. Next, the hackers only need to control the device remotely.

“Contents of laptop or PC will be encrypted, to open again, [user] must pay in Bitcoin,” Budi explained.

Another cyber attack trend is that hackers do not need to be very skillful in computer programming. This type of attack is known as malware services.

In this wise, the hackers only need to find out email address of someone influential in a company. The hackers then will play role as the company’s executive.

Using already known email address from the executive, the hackers send mass mail to all staff with fake domain to trick the employees.