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Taman Langsat, One of the Haunted Parks in Jakarta

Taman Langsat, One of the Haunted Parks in Jakarta (backpackerjakarta)

JAKARTA, NETRALNEWS.COM - Jakarta is the most coveted metropolitan city to live. Day and night, the glitter never goes out. However, behind Jakarta's hustling and bustling, and a plethora of activities, there is another side of life that is believed to be true.

A myriad of mysteries are stored in Jakarta. There are a many dreaded places located in Indonesia’s capital city that have inspire many to cultivate stories. Taman Langsat, in the area of Kramat Pela, South Jakarta, is one of those creepy places.

Taman Langsat park is approximately 3.5 hectares. The park is easily reached from Blok M terminal and Mayestik market. The park is developed to facilitate sports relaxation. Many beautiful trees grow in this park.

Lots of old trees growing here. One of them, a large banyan tree that is believed to be hundreds of years old. This park has a small lake with lotus flowers. There is also a hall, a multipurpose hall that is often used for various events.

Unfortunately, not many people have used this facility. Although the local government has expanded the park’s area to connect to Taman Ayodya Park, there is still very little interest of the community to come visit this park.

The reason why not many people want to come to Taman Langsat Park—which is located hidden behind the Barito Bird Market, is that the park is famous for being one of the most haunted places in Jakarta. This park holds million scary mysteries. The creepy aura of Taman Langsat can be felt when night approaches.

From the various stories, this park is inhabited by many supernatural beings or more often we call as ghosts. Ki Joko Bodo, a famous paranormal expert who is now retired, has clarified mystical stories about ghosts at Taman Langsat Park that are well-known in the community. Ki Joko also reminded all visitors of Taman Langsat Park to respect the park and not do unlawful or strange activities in this park, as the park has enormous supernatural energy.

The surrounding community often sees the appearance of supernatural beings like kuntilanak, genderuwo and pocong in this park. Ken (32), a resident of Jalan Melawai 3, did not dare to pass through the park at night, because he had seen a large, red-eyed giant figure facing his car at the gate of Taman Langsat Park.

In Taman Langsat Park, the stories of ghosts the possessed are no longer new stories. At least, the hawkers who sell their wares in front of Barito graveyard that is not far from Taman Langsat, often witnessed people getting into trance or a state of being possessed. One of the security guards there was even accustomed to smelling the fragrance that suddenly appeared, and hearing the voices of laughter that was not clear where the voices came from.

The creepy and haunting stories about Taman Langsat Park has even been filmed into a movie in Indonesia.