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What Your Chinese Horoscope Says about Luck and Misfortune

What Your Chinese Horoscope Says about Luck and Misfortune (flickr)

JAKARTA, NETRALNEWS.COM - Sometimes in everyday life a person gets luck or unexpected misfortune. According to astrologists, luck or misfortune is associated with the zodiac signs and the zodiac affairs that overshadow it.

Here are the predictions about luck or misfortune based on Chinese zodiac horoscope, as reported by Asia One:


You'll say 'I do not believe I'm paid to do this!' right now. You will have the opportunity to work on a project that you usually think of as a mere pleasure. 'Throw yourself into it'. There's more like it coming, but you have to bring in a bunch of support staff.


You have the opportunity to make extra money from something you are learning right now. If you've been looking for a way to spend your free time and maybe make a little extra cash, visit the library, bookstore or online and you'll find something that interests you.


You may find that you make a better point in silence than with current arguments, especially when it comes to the lifestyle choices of friends or siblings. The assessment of your situation may be correct, but chances are you will hit the wrong button right now. They already know what you think.


You can deploy and collect troops like a 5-star general now. Deploy family members to clean the guesthouse, push yourself a little harder in housework. You will find that you are able to turn mountains into a mound overnight.


Financial challenges continue to be highlighted in your chart, but there are opportunities inside and around your home to increase your income if you know where to look, and are willing to make some lifestyle adjustments. You might consider signing in to a dorm or roommate.


This is the time for deep personal introspection. You may have made a mistake recently. It's a good thing to do a little introspection, but it's not so hard that you lose focus on the everyday reality. You may be more forgiving to others than yourself, and that's not always the best.


You feel very good right now. Your emotions are warm, fuzzy and romantic and your energy is great. The greatest danger for you now is to indulge. You will want the greatest and the best of everything.


You may have a short-term flu. You will be slower than usual, but this can be a good thing, as it will force you to see some challenging things closer than you might think otherwise.


You and your spouse tend to disagree with the painting or bedroom in your home right now. If you are willing to compromise, you may think this is an opportunity to exchange. You can get something you want if you just let them hang that ugly painting on the bed.


Friendship and money are not mixed right now, someone hates the fact that you have some facilities in life that they do not enjoy. You can not refuse something you want so long that others will feel better. It will not work. Enjoy your luck.


Maybe it's time to 'Make Over'. You may need to take the time and money to update your appearance. Think of it as an investment in yourself. Do not be afraid to experiment a little. You can make small changes that can have a major impact on your mood and outlook.


You may suddenly want to gamble, but both casinos and stock markets are a bad place to spend your time and money right now. If a really hot idea crosses your mind, consider it, but proceed with a wild, cautious new idea that is still natural to do.