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The Link Between Day of Birth and Personality, According to Astrologists

The Link Between Day of Birth and Personality, According to Astrologists (needpix)

JAKARTA, NETRALNEWS.COM -- According to astrology the date and time of birth is not the only thing that is important when predicting one's future. Even days have a big influence on our lives.

The day we are born is said to have a significant influence on our personality.

In this article, the issue of birthdays is discussed which turns out to affect the personality of each individual, as reported by Boldsky.


Individuals born today are mostly self-motivated. They are known for their kindness and sweetness. These people are known to handle their happiness and sadness with grace. During the first few years, they seemed to hate academics, but they tried to overcome them at their discretion.


Individuals born on Tuesday are known to have a fiery temperament. For this reason, they often seem to end up having a problematic relationship with their loved ones. These people will also be selfish throughout their lives.


Individuals born on Wednesday will always have a tendency for religious and spiritual activities. The nature of those who fear God will keep them away from negative thoughts and actions. These people are known for their way through mind work, so remember that it's not easy to fool them.


Individuals born on Thursday are known to have intelligent and adventurous personalities. They are known for facing difficult times very easily. These people will get extraordinary love and support from their friends and colleagues throughout their lives. Also, they will be lucky because luck will always benefit them.


Individuals born on Fridays can be quickly selected in the crowd because of their cheerful and always happy and relaxed attitude. These people will have a big influence on the people around them. On the other hand, these individuals build extreme tolerance when they face difficult times, and as a result, make them strong individuals.


These people who were born on Saturday have a great interest in agriculture, trade or even technology. They seem to face some difficulties at a younger age, but with the passage of years, they will be careful of the people around them. On the other hand, these people will always have a tense relationship with their parents and siblings too.


People who are born on Sundays will have an innate relaxed attitude. These individuals are late bloomers in life, and they seem to have great luck on their side. Apart from this, they are also social introverts.