Monday, 27 September 2021 | 04:53 WIB

Parents Urged to Support Children‘s Education Choices

Parents Urged to Support Children‘s Education Choices (publicdomainpictures)

JAKARTA, NETRALNEWS.COM - Andy F Noya has asked parents not to be indifferent to the interests of children, as the children's interests are already known from an early age.

"Children's interests have actually been discovered early on, they have something, but sometimes parents are ignorant, and point in the wrong direction," Andy said.

The attitude of parents who direct children to areas that are not liked will make children unhappy. He gave an example, if children like music, often parents say that music cannot sustain life economically. So that parents direct their children to become lawyers.

"The child will not be happy and achieve. If children are directed according to their interests, talents, and desires, it is expected that the children will grow and develop properly. Most importantly, they will be happy with what they have and like," he said.

Noya said that if the child likes something, the child will achieve. That is what he often emphasizes to teachers and parents. For this reason, he asked teachers and parents to find children's interests early on.

"I was lucky, because the teacher discovered my talent in writing in fourth grade elementary school. Then I was directed, in my mind the right thing was to be a reporter. So since I was a child, I had been implanted in my mind wanting to be a reporter, and I was very happy," said Andy.