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Get Clean and Bright Facial Skin Using Facial Steam

Get Clean and Bright Facial Skin Using Facial Steam (wikimedia)

JAKARTA, NETRALNEWS.COM - Cleaning the face—including  blackheads that stick, and opening the pores of the skin is the main function of facial steamer. Through this facial treatment, facial skin can receive nutrition to the maximum so that it becomes healthy.

From the outside the skin will look clean and bright. Do not forget to use sunblock always as a protection every time you leave the house. What kind of treatment is it?

Before doing facial steamer, blackheads on the face are extracted of blackheads. There are also concurrent with acne extraction. With di-steam, acne or comedo extraction is easier to do.

However, for those who experience inflammation of acne to fester should not be done because the extraction will make the condition worsening acne.

The first stage of facial steamer performed in the clinic is the face given cleasing milk, clearing foam, toner, and in-peeling to remove dead skin.

After peeling, done neutralize skin first, new in-steam. If the skin is not a problem then facial skin can be dimassage with a full-blooded face. New done mask.

The initial process to the end of this treatment takes 1-1.5 hours. Treatment results will be immediately visible after the first facial done. At Clique Skin, this facial steamer treatment uses a doctor's blend of cream and antibiotic cream for acne.

Steam also became one of the auxiliary instruments for those who have problems with acne. So in all facial steamer the average use of steam to help the removal of blackheads for easier so that the skin more clean and bright.

Interestingly, this facial steamer is well done for all skin types. However, due to the combination of skin types and oily with the most problems such as acne and blackheads as well as areas around the T zone, then this treatment is highly recommended for those who have this type of skin combination.

Beauty consultant, Siti Musrifah, said that the ingredients used for facial steamers all come from plants that will not cause any side effects on facial skin.

The tools and medicines used in the treatment of facial steamer are facial steam and ice globe. Ice globes are a treatment of facial steamer that has been frozen and used for the face.

After doing facial steamer treatment, facial skin should always be kept clean. Patients who undergo this treatment, Siti light, will be given a package of facial treatments.

Package in the form of cleansing gel, lotion, moisturizing and sunblock for use when having activity during the day so avoid direct exposure to sunlight.

Usually doctors will also suggest to consume lots of green vegetables. Also multiply eating fruits such as apples, oranges and other fruits that contain lots of vitamin C because it is very good for the skin. Avoid cigarettes and liquor because it is not good for skin health, especially facial skin.