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Tips on Addressing Problems for Married Couples

Tips on Addressing Problems for Married Couples (pxhere)

JAKARTA, NETRALNEWS.COM - Every marriage will definitely face the phases in which the turmoil that arises and changes in line with the years passed in marriage.

This is due to the dynamic human nature that keeps changing and definitely wants to always achieve something better in life.

Entering the first year, second year, the third year of marriage, the conflicts that appear are different. In the first five years the most happening is the adjustment between husband and wife.

According to psychologist Dewi Minangsari, this is called the marital adjustment, adjustments in marriage in various things, such as financial, financial arrangements in the household.

If the adjustment process raises issues, turmoil will start to appear. Something that makes the dynamics of marriage go down.

Every marriage, anyone who goes through it, will face challenges. Just how they started the journey and built a strategy to face the challenge. And here are tips on facing ripples in the household:

1. Open communication. If each couple finds something that makes them uncomfortable talking about each other. Hold a dialogue so that it will know what is felt and what situation is facing.

2. Cooperation. It takes two to tango, it takes two people to build a household. Each pair must have a willingness to find a solution to the problem at hand.

3. Willingness to learn. This means that each partner has the will to continue learning to face problems. So the ability to deal with problems will continue to be honed and easy to find new strategies to solve the problem.

4. Manage feelings. We can not avoid stress in the household, but the most likely thing we do is manage our feelings. This will train us in the face of even the toughest things that may happen in the household.

5. Develop communication skills. The ability to communicate that we must be able to listen to the couple, not judge, able to understand the feelings of others.

6. Respect privacy. Everyone needs space for themselves so understand that couples also need a space where no one else can interfere.