Monday, 21 June 2021 | 04:26 WIB

These 5 Zodiac Signs are Prone to Becoming Anxious

These 5 Zodiac Signs are Prone to Becoming Anxious (piqsels)

JAKARTA, NETRALNEWS.COM -- No doubt, everyone often faces anxiety. This is human nature and something that is clearly felt. However, there are some people who will feel nervous even at the smallest things.

Based on the zodiac sign, you can find out how nervous someone is. This is a list of the most nervous signs of the zodiac in even small things, as reported by Boldsky.


Geminis take on the task and then think that they are not good enough for it. Whether they are right or wrong, it is certainly true that they sometimes underestimate their potential. That's because of the desire to show that they are truly responsible - sometimes they take jobs that might be too big for them.

They are constantly worried that they will disappoint someone. Their anxiety is what also makes them a little hesitant.


Virgos really do not have nothing to worry about. However, when sitting quietly they began to think of strange things and then suddenly they become excessively worried. They are very scared to be killed or robbed even though they are just watching a scene from a movie or browsing the internet.

What's more, they are perfectionists, which means they can press themselves well, for a better job and then feel nervous if the target seems difficult to achieve.


Pisces are not only emotional, but they are also introverted. They cannot open themselves easily before other people start. This makes them not trust people easily because they don't talk a lot of time. When talking for the first time, they will look nervous - the next level of nervousness is reached when they say something secret and realize that they shouldn't do it. The nature helps them bring them close to people but they fail to overcome their nervousness.


Librans are one of the signs of emotional overload. They make a decision and then feel nervous about it. Unlikable fear also makes them nervous. The fear of being disliked might also make them nervous. From looking to behavior, they have the habit of thinking twice about this and being nervous if they realize they've made a mistake. They like to have a comfortable and friendly environment around them, and if it's not there, it makes them feel nervous among strangers.


The last zodiac has excessive anxiety is Cancer. They tend to be emotional, caring and therefore also sensitive. Another reason for their nervousness is failure. Failure is something they can never take easily. After failing they might even decide to hide in a self-developed niche and that only after they are encouraged again by their friends that they will appear again. Until then, Cancer residents could not face the people around them because of nervousness.