Wednesday, 19 January 2022 | 16:51 WIB

This Astrologer Predicts Covid-19 to Subside by End of September

This Astrologer Predicts Covid-19 to Subside by End of September (mommyramal)

JAKARTA, NETRALNEWS.COM - An astrologer named Mommy Ramal predicts the Covid-19 coronavirus outbreak to end in the next six months.

According to her, the coronavirus will end and gradually come down after Eid. However, the stigma will still be felt until next year. The numbers are currently heading to the peak.

"Just be patient, as it will definitely pass. The important thing is to keep clean and pray. Only God can significantly change the world, so it is important to maintain and stay health, keep and maintain cleanliness, and pray," said Mommy Ramal.

Mommy Ramal, who's real name is Suci, claims to have the ability to predict as she was Indido since she was a child. "I thought everyone used to be like me. And when I was in elementary school, there was a friend who always taught me prayers and religion, and that friend was a Muslim genie."

"At first I did not believe I could communicate with that entity. I consider the genie a friend, and always communicate with the genie, and I do not understand at that time how to do visions for someone. Gradually I began to be able to conduct visions during high school, and even then I initially did not believe what I said like true, and initially from reading people's thoughts and characters," Mommy Ramal said to Netralnews.

According to Mommy Ramal, at first she only saw flashes of a person's attitude, character, and past nature that were drawn from the eyes of the people she saw.

"From there I just understood that God gave me a little more strength," said Mommy Ramal who also has Instagram account with the name @Mommy_Ramal.

Now besides being able to conduct reading of hand palms, Mommy Ramal is also able to predict life, romance, and career through tarot cards. So it's no wonder her clients include ordinary people, celebgrams, and artists.