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Treat Your Face Nicely Using Sticky Rice Facial

Treat Your Face Nicely Using Sticky Rice Facial (pexels)

JAKARTA, NETRALNEWS.COM – Dermatologist and skin expert dr. Abdul Gayum, SpKK, says facial skin is one of the most important things to be kept clean.

Facial skin must be treated early on. Getting treated early on will have a good effect when at old age. At the age of 25, facial skin should have already been given extra care.

At that age, hormones will certainly greatly increase. Increased hormones make the skin becomes oily, and acnes will easily break out.

Facial skin prone to acnes will eventually give marks on the face. This is what makes the skin rough.

The rough surface of facial skin can be caused many things. One of them is too much exposure to dust and accumulation of dead skin cells.

Not only that, facial skin is too often exposed to direct sunlight will also have an impact on facial skin.

The color of the facial skin that is often exposed to solar radiation will gradually become dull and rough. However, there are many ways that can make the skin smooth and smooth.

Washing your face is said to be one way to cleanse the skin. Clean skin will certainly avoid acne.

Well, one way to treat facial skin at the age of 25 years is with a sticky rice mask.

Take a handful of white sticky rice washed with a glass of water for one minute. After that, pound the sticky rice for about two to three minutes.

Do not pound too finely, leave until there is still a rough part. After that, applied to the face evenly. Set aside to dry, approximately for 10 to 15 minutes. After that the face was washed clean.

Treatment using white sticky rice can be done twice a week. This mask is safe because it does not contain chemicals. This mask is also safe to do from a young age to advanced age.

Children should not use this mask because facial skin in children usually have not experienced severe problems.

For over 30 years of age, you should really start diligently using this mask. To prevent the occurrence of facial skin problems at the age of 30 years upwards such as wrinkles to the black vlek that make skin should be treated more extra.