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This Ultrasound Combination Treatment Can Help Destroy Fat

This Ultrasound Combination Treatment Can Help Destroy Fat (needpix)

JAKARTA, NETRALNEWS.COM - As described by beauty specialist doctor dr. Liza Suzanna Bonora, one slimming treatment that can be used is the accent ultra treatment. This treatment uses a combined engine of ultrasound and radio frequency, which can destroy fat.

Ultrasound is one of the innovations to see internal organs or ultrasound (ultrasonography), but in certain frequencies, it can be used for muscle toning and fat destruction. Since the nature of the waves are deeper than RF, ultrasound can also remove fat in the liver.

There are two mechanisms that are used, namely ultrasound heat mechanism and cold mechanism that serves to destroy fat. The workings of the first tool are made cool, then harden the fat. The fat are then destroyed by a hot system.

The fat will become a delicate flake, and with the damaged fat (RF) frequency radio being pushed into the lymph nodes. After that the fat is removed and partly go into the digestive system and secreted as feces.

In addition to tightening and destroying fat under the muscle, RF will also form collagen so that the body is firmer but the fat is reduced. With the use of radio frequency, for the upper abdomen, middle and lower, usually the fat will be reduced about 2-4 cm.

When combined with ultrasound, the reduction of body circumference as in the stomach can be reduced by 6-8 cm for a single workmanship for 45-50 minutes. Usually the reduction is seen from the size of the clothing is smaller, not seen from weight loss.

This treatment should be done regularly once a week. Good results will be obtained after 4-5 treatments. If someone who is undergoing this treatment is a person who likes to exercise, then the fat is removed fat that can not be eliminated with sports such as fat that collects on the lower abdomen or thighs are 'winged'.

Although already running this treatment you should still do to keep eating, by reducing food intake, and increase the intake of fiber and fluids for more significant results.

You have to drink a lot during this treatment because this treatment uses a hot system that requires fluids for internal organs in high quantities to avoid dehydration.

In addition, muscles that have been formed also still must be maintained with sports. Treatment is relatively safe, but in pregnant women, breastfeeding and pacemaker use is not recommended. The reason, in people who use pacemaker will affect the pacemaker.