Friday, 20 May 2022 | 17:47 WIB

Why Parents Should Encourage Children to Read Comics

Why Parents Should Encourage Children to Read Comics (pixabay)

JAKARTA, NETRALNEWS.COM – For some children, reading is a less enjoyable activity. However, how can parents grow the reading interest in children?

Choosing the right reading also becomes a homework for parents. However, inviting children to read comics is one alternative for children to feel happy when reading. In fact, not a few parents have questioned the benefits of reading comics on the intellectual development and character of his son.

Comics are readings containing illustrated imaginary stories to explain the reading. Unlike the novel that presents the storyline, the comic emphasizes the storyline that is told through the dialogue of the characters.

Actually, reading anything is a very useful activity for people of all ages. Each reading activity has its own benefits, through a variety of reading that contains diverse knowledge.

There are many benefits to be gained by reading comics, as quoted from the Indonesia Ministry of Education and Culture’s website. Here are the benefits of reading comics to your child:

 Filling the free time

When children read comics on weekends or during long holidays, making a weekend getaway is more meaningful than walking in a shopping mall. With the benefit of reading comics, make educated children to love reading through their favorite reading material.

Improve memory

Reading a passage makes one able to tell the contents of the reading that has been read. This is because reading stimulates memory to record the reading. Look at the children after reading the comic, can tell the story to the comic to his friend. This will usually also make a habit for other types of reading.

Improve imagination and creativity

Comics are interesting drawings in the eyes of children. By reading the pictorial series with the story being imaged in the comic, the story will grow the imagination through the pictures that are read so that many who apply it to the picture. So in addition to reading, the child also becomes learning to menggamba through fictional characters that exist in the comic.

Affordable entertainment

Compared to a going to a holiday outdoors, reading comics is much cheaper and offers more fun. If you are thinking of a vacation, think of alternatives like reading this comic.

 Improving Reading as a hobby 

Someone who likes to read comics can improve the hobby of reading directly or indirectly. When initially reading comics, the opportunity to improve reading material by reading books of other knowledge.