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MRT Integration and Tariff Subsidy is Necessary to Address Traffic Jams in Jakarta

MRT Integration and Tariff Subsidy is Necessary to Address Traffic Jams in Jakarta (jakartamrt)

JAKARTA, NETRALNEWS.COM - This writing was made to answer a number of journalist friends who often asked about the impact of the Mass Rapit Transit (MRT) development in Jakarta.

And as we have seen, on March 24, 2019, the first MRT corridor in Jakarta with a route from Lebak Bulus to Indonesia Hotel, Jln Thamrin, will be inaugurated by President Joko Widodo.

The MRT project, which has been prepared for 30 years, is expected to help break down Jakarta's traffic jams.

As one of the mass transportation public modes, the MRT is a sign of the modernization of the city's public transportation service approach that uses it.

Similarly, Jakarta as one of the metropolitan cities has entered the category of using modern modes in the construction of its public transportation services.

It is hoped that the existence of the MRT will have a positive impact, namely the transfer of private vehicle users to public transportation users. So, the next MRT can help break down Jakarta's traffic jams.

With the existence of this MRT, the community of private vehicle users who are active in the Lebak Bulus corridor to Jalan Thamrin wants to move using mass MRT public transportation.

And so that the positive impact of the existence of this MRT mode can be realized, it is necessary to manage MRT integration with other public transportation modes.

The integration of the MRT with other modes of transportation will facilitate the public using public transportation access to the MRT.

This easy and good access will certainly facilitate people who want to move from their personal vehicles, to become users of MRT public transportation.

Good integration and high number of uses of the MRT will reduce the operational costs of using public transportation in Jakarta and its surroundings.

In addition to easy access, so that the existence of this MRT service has a positive impact, it is necessary to subsidize costs or low tariffs for MRT users.

Now information is circulating that the MRT tariff will be set at IDR 10,000 per way. This tariff is said to have received a subsidy of around 70 percent of the economic cost of IDR 31,659 per passenger.

Subsidies in the management of public transportation services are a necessity given by the government as an incentive for users of public transportation.

Finally, once again emphasized, if you want the Jakarta MRT to have a positive impact on public transportation, the government must build integration to build access in the MRT service system and subsidize costs for low fares so that the public wants to use it.

Writer: Azas Tigor Nainggolan

Transportation Policy Analyst, Chairperson of the Jakarta City Citizens Forum (FACT), and Chairperson of the Citizens' Coalition for Transportation (KAWAT) Indonesia.

*) This opinion is purely the responsibility of the author as stated, is not part of the editorial responsibility