Friday, 20 May 2022 | 17:06 WIB

Juventus Legend Del Piero Explores Culinary Business

Juventus legend Alessandro del Piero.

LOS ANGELES, NETRALNEWS.COM – Having retired from the world of football, one of Juventus' legends, Alessandro Del Piero, now has a lot of free time.

Latest, Del Piero began to try out the culinary business. Located in Los Angeles, United States, Del Piero in collaboration with businessman Emanuele Romani is preparing a typical Italian restaurant.

As Eater Los Angeles reported, No.10 is chosen as the name. Number 10 is very synonymous with Del Piero while he was still actively playing with Juventus.

Currently Del Piero's restaurant is under construction. It remains unknown the exact date the restaurant will be officially opened. However, development is expected to be completed before the end of this year.

Del Piero's restaurant stands on the building that was previously an office. Del Piero entrusted to Kristofer Keith's company Spacecraft to design it.

Since retiring from the world of football, Del Piero did choose to live in Los Angeles. He only occasionally returns to Italy to watch Juventus or become a TV commentator.