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Opening Match, Russia Overcomes Saudi Arabia Resistance with 5-0

Denis Cheryshev celebrating goal to Saudi's.

MOSCOW, NNC – Russian National Team successfully overcame the resistance of Saudi National Team by 5-0 win in the opening match of Group A of 2018 World Cup.

In the match that took place at the Mokswa Luzhniki Stadium on Thursday (6/14/2018), three Russian goals were produced by Iury Gazinsky, Denis Cheryshev (two goals), Artem Dzyuba and Golovin.

At the start of the match, the host Russia took the initiative to attack. With the full support of the supporters, the Red Bear team successfully broke the Saudi's box in the 12th minute.

Aleksandr Golovin gave a mature feed. With a header, Iury Gazinsky succeeded in scoring the goal of Abdullah Almuaiouf.

Despite previous success, Russia seemed to be depressed. Saudi Arabia began to build an attack on the headquarters of its opponent. Although there was none harming to the goalkeeper Akinfeev.

The host Russia must lose its flagship player in a counterattack. Dzagoev suffered a hamstring injury, to be replaced by Denis Cheryshev.

Saudi Arabia continued to look for a counterweight. But, two minutes before the break or rather in the 43rd minute, through a counterattack Russia managed to score the second goal. Denis Cheryshev who operated on the left wing successfully broke the goalkeeper Almuaiouf defense after escaping from two players from Saudi Arabia.

Until the break, Russia for a while led with 2-0 victory.

Starting the second half, Russia was more comfortable playing after a 2-0 lead. In contrast, Saudi Arabia was getting depressed. The home side relied on two wing players, Denis Cheryshev and Fernandes to build the attack.

One hour running time, Saudi Arabia managed to master the course of action. The Asian team twice had time to threaten the Russian defense through Taiseer Aljassam and Salman Alfaraj.

Substitute player Artem Dzyuba managed to put Russia ahead by 3-0 in the 71st minute. Artem Dzyuba successfully headed the ball perfectly after receiving feedback from the left side of Saudi Arabia defense.

At the end of the game, Russia again scored its fourth goal back by Denis Cheryshev. The left winger broke into the Saudi's box with a hard kick by left foot from outside the penalty box that Al-Maiouf could not save.

Not long ago Golovin scored a fifth goal, this time it was from a free kick. Until the long whistle was over, no more goals were created. Russia successfully earned three points resulted from victory against Saudi Arabia.

The composition of Russian versus Saudi Arabian Players:

Russia: Akinfeev; Fernandes, Kutepov, Igansevich, Zhirkov; Gazinskiy, Zobnin, Samedov, Golovin; Dzagoev, Smolov

Saudi Arabia: Al-Maiouf; Alburayk, Os.Hawsawi, Om.Hawsawi, Al-Shahrani; Otayf, Al-Dawsari, Al-Faraj, Al-Jassam; Al-Shehri, Al-Sahlawi