Wednesday, 23 June 2021 | 21:34 WIB

FIA Extends Formula 1 Shutdown Period to 63 Days

FIA Extends Formula 1 Shutdown Period to 63 Days (f1)

JAKARTA, NETRALNEWS.COM - The Fédération Internationale de l'Automobile (International Automobile Federation/FIA) has decided to extend the shutdown period for Formula 1 teams and engine manufacturers to 63 days due to the coronavirus pandemic impact.

In March, after the cancellation of the Australian Grand Prix, the FIA ​​had previously advanced the shutdown period that was usually applied during the summer holidays in August, and earlier this month extended its period from three to five weeks.

The World Motor Sport Board later on Tuesday ratified it and extended the shutdown period by an additional four weeks.

This means that the competitor teams and engine manufacturers are not allowed to carry out developments related to race cars such as in design, research and development, and production.

However, after the 50th day of the shutdown period, the teams may apply for permission to use no more than 10 personnel to work on their main long-term project remotely. As for power unit manufacturers, they can apply for the permit after the 36th day of the shutdown period, according to the official FIA website.

Formula 1 targets to start the racing season which was delayed due to the global health crisis in Austria in July, without an audience if the local government allows.

An official revision of the season calendar has not been issued, bearing in mind that there are a number of challenges in which most of Europe still imposes regional restrictions and also bans mass gatherings until September.

Meanwhile five out of seven teams based in the UK have furloughed their employees by adopting a government leave scheme where they can use aid to pay up to 80% of employees' monthly salaries, a maximum of 2,500 pounds per month, as reported by Antara.