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PAGI Makes Breakthrough in Golf Youth Athlete Development

PAGI Makes Breakthrough in Golf Youth Athlete Development (netralnews)

BOGOR, NETRALNEWS.COM - PAGI is the abbreviation for Perkumpulan Akademi Golf Indonesia (Indonesian Golf Academy Association), and was established in 2016 by Indra Surya. Indra is the founder of PAGI who is concerned about the development of golf in Indonesia, especially seeing that the development of golf athletes in the country is lagging behind other sports.

PAGI then concentrated on promoting the golf to be better known by the public. This is attributed to the circulating impression among the public of golf as an expensive sport.

"Who says golf is expensive? Therefore, we concentrate on promoting golf to be better known by the public," said Secretary General of PAGI to Netralnews on the sidelines of the Indonesia Satu PAGI-Golf1 golf event at Emeralda Golf Club, Cimanggis, Bogor, West Java, on Sunday (10/18/2020).

Diana said PAGI tries to create breakthroughs in the form of coaching for young golf athletes in Indonesia. There are currently 42 students who are members of PAGI, ranging from the ages of 5 to 50 years, and from juniors to amateurs.

One proof of this is that PAGI had successfully held the Menpora-PAGI International Junior Golf Championship last year, in which 15 countries took part in this event. Besides that, there is also the fourth Menpora-Emeralda International Amateur Golf Cup tournament that is planned to be held again next year.

"PAGI is the third largest club in Indonesia, with its home base at Emeralda Golf. Students can practice, and we can also adjust the training schedules with coaches of international standards that had been part of the Indonesian Golf Association (PGI) top management," she said.

PAGI also has a Super Junior Program, where students are usually not required to be serious as athletes but are brought to enjoy golf. At the age of five, PAGI also trains children to have a winning mentality, with the expectation that students can compete in international tournaments as well as compete with athletes from other countries.

"There is also a training program for amateurs so they can continue training with the coaches we provide," said Diana.

If you are interested in registering to become a PAGI student, it's very easy. You can visit PAGI Secretariat at Emeralda Golf, fill out the forms we have prepared, and find out the fee per month that has been determined.

PAGI Thanks Junior Athlete Care Sponsors

Diana said the success of various PAGI programs could not have happened without the support of sponsors. One of the main sponsors of PAGI is bottled drinking water Rych Water.

According to Diana, the sponsor is very concerned with the development of Indonesia's junior athletes, particularly in golf. In addition, Diana has also thanked Roger Leo, Director of Rych Water.

"I represent PAGI, and the students really appreciate his concern through the contribution to PAGI. Going forward, PAGI hopes Rych Water will continue to support the golf athletes of PAGI," Diana added.