Friday, 20 May 2022 | 17:30 WIB

East Flood Canal Becomes Tourism Object, Culinary Arena and River Tourism

BKT becomes tourism object. (Dok:Maszal)

JAKARATA, NETRALNEWS - Ministry of Tourism in cooperation with the Indonesian Tourism Promotion Board (BBPI) and East Jakarta Mayor held a BKT 5 K, or East Flood Canal 5 kilometers. This program takes place in East River side, near BKT water gate, Jalan Jendral Rs. Soekanto, East Jakarta, Sunday morning (9/10/2017).

The implementation of BKT 5K race which is held for the first time is to promote the East Flood Canal area as a sport tourism as well as culinary arena and river tourism.

"We want to promote the BKT tourism area, among others, by BKT 5 K run race. Running activity is favored by a lot of society, which at once to directly introduce BKT which in tourism is seeing is believing," said Deputy of Archipelago Tourism Marketing Development represented by Secretary of Deputy of Archipelago Tourism Marketing Development Muslim Mumus, after releasing the participants of BKT 5 K run together with the BPPI Chairman Yanti Soekamdani.

Mumus said this BKT 5 K race is the start towards the river tour. "Jakarta is crossed by several rivers worthy of river tourism, among others can be initiated by the East Flood Canal River which stretches as far as 23.5 km".

BPPI Chairman Yanti Soekamdani said the event of BKT 5 K is an effort to promote BKT as well as invite the people of Jakarta and surrounding areas to live healthy. "The sport that people are interested in is running. Because the sport is simple, easy, cheap, and can be done by anyone," she said in a press release on Sunday (9/10).

"In addition, this sport has benefits such as lowering the risk of heart disease, reducing the risk of diabetes and many other benefits. Today, running becomes more popular in the community and become more interesting and dynamic. Not only supporting the health, running becomes activity that provides an exciting experience," said Yanti Soekamdani.

The BKT 5 K race, according to Yanti Soekamdani, is expected to be an annual event so that this running activity can increase interest amid Jakartans, especially in East Jakarta area to know better about BKT area and enjoy the beauty of nature and maintain cleanliness of BKT area. (*)