Tuesday, 07 December 2021 | 21:08 WIB

Borobudur Temple Targets Tourist Visits to Reach 4.7 Million in 2018

Borobudur Temple Targets Tourist Visits to Reach 4.7 Million in 2018 (youtube)

MAGELANG, NNC - Taman Wisata Candi Borobudur, Prambanan, dan Ratu Boko (TWC), the tourism site management of Borobudur Temple, targets obtaining 4.7 million tourist visits in 2018.

"The target of our tourist visits is to increase to 4.7 million tourists in 2018 from actual visits from 3.8 million tourists last year," said Edy Setijoko, President Director of TWC at the Borobudur Temple Tourism complex in Magelang on Monday (01/01/2018).

He said the company wants to Borobudur Temple to become a major tourism magnet and improved tourist site in 2018.

Edy said the number of visitors should continue to be improved to achieve the target that has been proclaimed by the government, which is rise of 2 million foreign tourists by 2019.

He said one of the main supporting factors of visitors to Borobudur is access to entry. "We really hope that New Yogyakarta International Airport becomes one of the important factors for the entry of tourists, especially foreign tourists to this Borobudur area," said Edy.

"Now there is still a chance to prepare to provide a good standard of service so that later on the standard is really going towards world-class service,".

He expressed optimistic prospects Borobudur tour 2018. "We are more optimistic, when the infrastructure has been built very well by the central government, it becomes our duty to manage this destination to prepare the destination itself," he said.

Edy assessed the area of Borobudur ecosystem has started to form, people have started to grow participation, because the most important is how the tourism sector can provide direct benefits to the community.

He said although the government is targeting 2 million foreign tourists by 2019, it does not mean the participation of domestic tourists is ignored. The role of foreign tourists is encouraged to increase foreign exchange.

"Therefore we are encouraging for foreign tourists and we are optimistic that in 2019 the numbers can be achieved, because togetherness has started to form, I see the villages in Borobudur region have started to grow, and have started to expand," he said.