Friday, 20 May 2022 | 17:24 WIB

Vegan Culinary Festivals Become Attraction for Tourists to Visit Indonesia

Tourism Ministry set to hold vegan exhibition at Central Park Mall of West Jakarta.

JAKARTA, NNC - Vegan Culinary becomes one of the options and as an attraction for foreign tourists to come to Indonesia, according to Tourism Ministry.

Deputy Marketing Development Division I of the Ministry of Tourism I Gde Pitana Brahmananda said the diet pattern of society in which they do not consume animal products and derivatives or vegan culinary is an option. Vegetarian and vegan travelers will feel at home if the city or country they are visiting provides a vegan or vegetarian restaurant.

I Gde Pitana added that the event of 168 Vegan Culinary Festival organized by Indonesia Vegetarian Society (IVS) becomes an effective medium to introduce and promote Wonderful Indonesia and Pesona Indonesia (Indonesian Charm) to the visitors and participants of the Indonesian Vegan Festival from domestic and abroad.

According to Secretary General of IVS who is also Secretary General of World Vegan Organization and President of the International Tempe Foundation Susianto, the 168 Vegan Culinary Festival is part of the series of 2018 Indonesia Vegan Festival which will be attended by about 10,000 visitors including speakers and observers from 10 countries, among others United States, United Kingdom, India, Taiwan, Malaysia, Singapore, Japan, and Australia.

"On the 2010 Indonesia Vegan Festival, the number of visitors reached 10 thousand people, while this year it is expected to rise significantly," said Susianto, in a press release on Wednesday (3/7/2018).

Susianto explained that vegetarian and vegan communities in Indonesia are quite big, around two million people or the biggest in the world thus becoming one of the driving forces of vegan culinary growth in the country.

"Currently there are more than 1,000 vegan and vegan restaurants, both large-scale [restaurants] and street stalls spread across 34 provinces of Indonesia. Even many non-vegetarian/vegan restaurants now also provide a vegetarian menu including hotels, tourist attractions, airlines, hospitals, to school cafeterias so it is now quite accommodating for vegetarians and vegans," added Susianto.

The 2018 Indonesia Vegan Festival activity with the 2018 Earth Day Vegan Festival event is going to take place at Tribeca Park, Central Park Mall, West Jakarta on March 23-25, 2018.

Meanwhile the 2018 Indonesia International Vegan Festival & Forum is scheduled at Neo SOHO Mall, Podomoro City, West Jakarta, on April 13-15, 2018. The event will be enlivened by various agenda, including Green Speech Competition, Fashion Show with base materials from second-hand goods, Parenting & Vegan Talk Show, Flash Mob by INLA (International Nature Loving Association) as well as Art Performance & Entertainment.