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Five Recommended Culinary Sites to Visit in Bogor

Five Recommended Culinary Sites to Visit in Bogor (gotravelly)

BOGOR, NETRALNEWS.COM - Bogor, West Java, has always been the right vacation spot to unwind. Not only visiting various tourist attractions there, but also trying out various culinary tours. Enjoying the green scenery while eating appetizing food, making your holiday more fun.

Here are 5 recommendations for fun culinary attractions in Bogor.

1. Cibogy
Located in Cibogo, Jalan Raya Puncak Number 82, Cipayung Datar, Megamendung, Cibogy is a restaurant that offers the concept of eat, shop, and play. You can enjoy various culinary offerings while playing and shopping.

With the concept of open space and the added atmosphere of the Peak that supports it, the dining atmosphere becomes even more enjoyable. The menu available in Cibogy is cheesy bite, various katsu, and mojito.

2. Kedai Kita
If you are a fan of pizza, then the main menu of firewood pizza is perfect to enjoy in the cool air of the city of Bogor. Kedai Kita, located on Jalan Pangrango Number 21, Babakan, Bogor Tengah, provides a variety of pizzas with a variety of selected toppings such as beef, hawaiian, pepperoni and tuna. Besides that, there are also various other Italian foods.

The delicious taste of pizza with many toppings, makes Kedai Kita a recommendation for culinary tours.

3. Waroenk Talubi
Waroenk Talubi is located on Jalan Surya Kencana Number 278. This place offers a variety of traditional menus such as grilled chicken, fried chicken, various innards, and nasi uduk. Using a 100-year-old oma recipe, the menus here are also famous for their legendary delights.

If you stop by the Waroenk Talubi restaurant, don't forget to taste the grilled chicken menu that is excellent.

4. Kedai Sate Sapi Pak Oo

You should try unique satay whose main ingredients are beef meats and innards such as the marrow, liver and kidneys. Marrow satay and kidney satay are the mainstay menu in Kedai Sate Sapi Pak Oo.

The beef marrow is cut into small cubes, then skewered and griled, and added peanut sauce. The matter of taste, satay marrow and kidney satay need not be doubted. The price is quite affordable.

If you are on vacation in Bogor, don't forget to take a culinary tour at Kedai Sate Sapi Pak Oo which is located at Jalan Surya Kencana Number 193, Babakan Ps., Bogor Tengah, Bogor City.

5. Rumah Air Restaurant
While relaxing or fishing on the lake, you can taste a variety of typical Sundanese menus at Rumah Air Restaurant. One of the best-known mainstay menus is nasi tutug oncom which is rice mixed with baked oncom.

Rumah Air Restaurant also has a traditional concept that puts beautiful lake views with huts in the middle. You can also take pictures with a unique backdrop of restaurants. If you want to taste one of the Rumah Air Restaurant menus, you can immediately drive to Jalan Boulevard CBD Bogor Nirwana Residence ST 207, South Bogor.

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