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The Three Favorite Indonesian Dishes Sought After by Foreigners

The Three Favorite Indonesian Dishes Sought After by Foreigners (special)

JAKARTA, NETRALNEWS.COM - Aslida Rahardjo, who has lived in many countries for 20 years, has revealed the three favorite dishes from Indonesia her foreign national friends liked the most.

Aslida, wife of the former Indonesian Ambassador to China Sugeng Rahardjo, said that the three favorite Indonesian dishes are chicken satay, kampung fried rice, and gado-gado and prawn crackers.

"The three dishes are chicken satay, nasi goreng kampung [kampung fried rice], and gado-gado. But they love fried rice," Aslida said after the book launching of "Recipes for Indonesian Cuisine on 5 Continents" in Jakarta.

Aslida said many colleagues liked traditional Indonesian fried rice because the taste was different from typical Chinese fried rice which tended to be salty and reddish in color.

"Because Indonesian soy sauce tastes very different. Our soy sauce isn't anywhere else, it tastes sweet and savory. That's what distinguishes the fried rice, and is a favorite of friends abroad," explained Aslida.

However, in addition to the main dish, the presence of shrimp crackers is also a complement that has been eagerly awaited by Aslida's foreign national friends

"The funny thing is that they also love shrimp crackers, which they said was simple but tasty complement," she said, as reported by Antara.