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How to Cook Delicious Grilled Duck Satay at Home

How to Cook Delicious Grilled Duck Satay at Home (wikimedia)

JAKARTA, NETRALNEWS.COM – Grilled skewered meat, or also locally known as satay, is often made from beef, chicken or lamb meat. Rarely do we find satay that uses duck meat. However, we have for you a recipe on how to cook delicious duck meat satay.

This duck satay recipe is not as famous as chicken satay that we can find everywhere. However, the delicacy of duck meat is not inferior to chicken meat. Many say quite difficult to process duck meat. In reality not as difficult as imagined really.

Especially if we are diligent to process duck meat. Over time will increasingly understand the right way to process it into a special meal. Sate duck is a snack that can be served in various events and atmosphere, such as family gathering, meeting, or just a simple dinner with friends. Curious yuk peek material and how to make it, as quoted from Baca Resep Dulu.


• 2 kg of duck meat

• 15 onions

• 15 red chillis

• 2 cloves of garlic

• ⅛ liters of vegetable oil

• Tamarind

• Pepper to taste

• Salt to taste

• Palm sugar to taste


1. Separate duck meat from bone

2. Cut duck meat with a size of approximately 1.5 cm

3. Collect meat in one container

4. All seasonings are fried undercooked except: tamarind, pepper, salt and brown sugar

All the spices are mashed together with the cooking oil

6. Mix and stir the spices with the meat

7. Let stand for ± 4 hours

8. Plug meat as much as 4 pieces per skewer or according to taste

9. Burn in charcoal coal until cooked

Before processing duck meat, duck meat depends on the age of the duck to be processed. The older the duck, the more fleshy smell. To eliminate the dense smell of duck meat, shower the duck meat with lemon juice and let stand for a few minutes before cooking. The fleshy smell disappears instantly and the meat becomes more delicious when cooked.