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Krui: A Haven in South Sumatera for Surfers Looking to Conquer the Waves

Krui: A Haven in South Sumatera for Surfers Looking to Conquer the Waves (wikimedia)

JAKARTA, NETRALNEWS.COM - Imagine you are in a place with a beach that has beautiful scenery and the perfect waves. Rapid sea water flow combined with sunlight gives a sensation for those of you who want to try to conquer the waves.

That's the experience Krui wants to offer, a coastal area located in the western part of South Sumatera, Indonesia. Krui is one of Indonesia's most desirable locations for surfers.

The region, which has hosted international surfing competitions, has the most sought after, powerful and challenging waves. Krui area is also still not too crowded and unspoiled, so it is often the main reason surfers visit the location.

"Yes ... Krui is a great place. In my opinion, Krui is one of the best surfing locations in the world. I hope this place continues to maintain its authenticity, "said Joe (23), one of the surfers from Australia.

"I think this area has better waves than Bali. We can relax more, the waves are also larger and stable. Mandiri Beach, Way Jambu, Ujung Bocur, are some surfing locations that I like. The food here is also very tasty, "said Ryan (52), a fellow surfer from Australia.

Visitors to Krui are crowded from May to September, while December to January is the best time to visit, due to the often unpredictable weather.

In the crowded months such as July, surfers can try the various surfing locations in Krui every day. For example, surfers can try surfing at Way Jambu on the first day, in Pugung on the second day, Tanjung Setia on the third day, and Pantai Mandiri on the fourth day.

Located in the middle of the coast of Krui, Mandiri Beach is one of the favorite locations of surfers who want to surf waves coming from the Indian Ocean.

As one of the best beach break beaches in the world, this beach is famous for its strong waves, so it is aimed more for professional surfers.

Then when is the best time to visit Mandiri Beach? "February to May," says Chris Mclaverty, owner of Mandiri Beach Club, one of the surf camps in Krui. In those months, surfers will get consistent waves and the best time to surf.

However, not only in Mandiri Beach, Krui has an unlimited amount of surfing locations and it really depends on the extent to which surfers want to explore. There is Way Guava in the southernmost part and Pugung in the northernmost part.