Friday, 20 May 2022 | 16:47 WIB

Tips on Preparing a Refreshing Thai Tea Drink at Home

Tips on Preparing a Refreshing Thai Tea Drink at Home (ist)

JAKARTA, NNC – It cannot be denied that Thai Tea has become one of the menus that are often sought after by culinary lovers, especially for those who claim to be tea enthusiasts.

Well, if you usually have to go to cafes or restaurants that serve Thai Tea, you can really make your own Thai Tea at home as a thirst quencher.

Here are the tips on making Thai Tea which is described by Nyoman Yunny Adyani, owner of D'Tea to in Jakarta some time ago:

1. According to Yunny, quality ingredients are a must in order to make a delicious Thai Tea. For Tea for example, the name Thai Tea must be using original Thai Tea. But can also use the existing tea powders that smell delicious.

2. Similarly, fresh milk is used as a mixture for Thai tea. Use good quality fresh milk like Susu Bendera, Frisian Flag, or Indomilk.

3. Then, for the mixing process, boil tea powder. After boiling, put in fresh milk and sugar. Mix well. Let stand until normal temperature and then serve into glass. In addition, the most important is to prepare Thai Tea hygienically. "Because I use milk, I make Thai tea in a hygienic manner," Yunny said.

4. For glass or container, if you want to be easy to carry everywhere it's good to use a bottle of containers that are tightly closed. The use of this packaging aims to make Thai Tea that you create can be durable. At least, do not consume Thai Tea that you have let stand for more than one day in room temperature.

5. If you want to keep the shelf-life, you can store Thai Tea into the refrigerator or freezer. Yunny disclosed, if stored in Thai Tea refrigerator can last a week. While stored in the freezer can last for two weeks. Good luck.