Friday, 20 May 2022 | 16:37 WIB

Champion Again, Rendang and Nasi Goreng Become the World’s Tastiest Foods

Rendang appears as the world's first-tastiest food. (Dok:Rendangpadang)

JAKARTA, NETRALNEWS.COM - Indonesian Tourism again gained world recognition. Two culinary icons from Indonesia that Tourism Minister Arief Yahya has set, Rendang (Spicy Meat Dish) and Nasi Goreng (Fried Rice) appear as the world's first-tastiest food and second-tastiest food, according to CNN.

The Tourism Minister as if gets a fresh breeze to strengthen the branding of the archipelagic culinary. "Because rendang, fried rice are two of the five culinary that are promoted by Tourism Ministry as the icons of Indonesian culinary, in addition to soto [traditional soup], sate [satay] and gado-gado [vegetable salad with peanut dressing]," said Minister Arief Yahya.

The recognition by CNN travel is quite encouraging. The reason is, in 2011, the cuisine from West Sumatra was once put in the first rank as the most delicious food in the world. "This has raised the brand of Indonesian culinary and of course Indonesian tourism," said Arief Yahya, in a press release on Saturday (7/15/2017).

This time, in 2017 Rendang again becomes the champion. In addition to fried rice, both become the favorite foods of many readers of CNN, the world news site.

"This rendang's reputation will boost our culinary and tourism image, because culinary when it is ready to be promoted, capitalized, then it has entered tourism. During the incubation process, it is still under Bekraf [Creative Economy Body]," Minister Arief explained.

Culinary, continued Arief Yahya, has become an important part of tourism. "The more our food is known, the more people want to come to our country. This is our nation's diplomatic culture." (*)