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Wakuliner, the Online App for the Diverse Culinary Dishes of Indonesia

Wakuliner, the Online App for the Diverse Culinary Dishes of Indonesia

JAKARTA, NETRALNEWS - The high penetration of internet and smartphone users in Indonesia has signficantly opened the door of opportunities for online businesses. The presence of a variety of e-commerce marketplace businesses is booming.

Unfortunately, there is no specific marketplace for culinary products and services. Whereas, Indonesia’s culinary dishes are now widely known to the world.

This phenomenon is certainly a great business opportunity, as culinary is the primary needs of everyday society. And the opportunity was seized by Anthony Gunawan by establishing a marketplace named Wakuliner (Wadah Kuliner/Culinary Space).

Wakuliner provides a variety of culinary products and services that can be accessed through smartphones operating on android and iOS systems.

"Wakuliner was established in January, 2016. In January, 2017, we conducted the first promo test without launching to measure systems and application capabilities," Anthony explained in Kuningan, Jakarta, on Wednesday (8/9/2017).

And in June 2017, Wakuliner has been readily accessible and used publicly in masses.

"The idea of establishing Wakuliner came from researching the needs of the community, along with the application and refinement of a number of culinary companies both inside and outside the country. But this idea is our own innovation and incidentally the first in Indonesia," he said.

Wakuliner also opens opportunities for people who plan to open a culinary business by adopting the C2C model (customer to customer). That is, the general public can open their own online store and sell to serve the community in Wakuliner.

"We have and will continue to prepare various features and excellent services to facilitate the people enjoy the diverse culinary choices of the archipelago," said Anthony.